Why I want this!

This picture inspires me. That little stalagmite of water is me starting, my first rising. Also one of my first attempts at photography 🙂

Hi there, thumbs_up here!

This is my first blog and my first post, so obviously I’m new at this. I think out loud a lot and over a few years I’ve grown to embrace it and even like it, and mostly not let it put me in trouble. Sometimes when I feel a need to express my thoughts, I write instead of speaking so much. I also developed an interest in reading other peoples thoughts in form of books and articles, and then one day it hit me, that I also have something to share, my thoughts.

We all have something to say, we all have thoughts to express and various ways we love to do it. While I’m out on a journey to explore different ways of sharing my thoughts, this is one of them, writing. Some may call me a jack-of-all-trades right now, because I dabble at things of much, but I know nevertheless some day I will become a master of one, maybe even all and that will be my thing, my way of giving the wonderful things God has put in my mind to full expression.

Singing and dancing and reading sci-fi romance, acting and biking and eating new combos, taking pictures, and drawing the world; these are a few of my favourite things. Observing nature and seeing her beauty, laughing and crying at heart throbbing movies, taking long walks under star lights; these are a few of my favourite things. When the spark comes, when I’m inspired, by the thoughts I have, I simply do all of my favourite things and then I just feel real glad!

I tell myself sometimes that if I were to give someone a chance to stay in my mind, they’d either never want to leave or not want to spend another second there, because I have and imagination that runs pretty wild sometimes.

So right here, right now, my blog is about bringing things to you that you don’t notice so often or maybe don’t just want to, little things that God inspires me to see, that make life awesome. I hope you love it.

Geez! I’m excited about this!


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