Human first, then Being

We all tend to really like someone at some point, and also tend to be bias at some other point, selecting who we have as friends by how our eyes access them, even I. I didn’t really give it much thought but it popped on my mind early this morning before I was about to pick up a novel and read myself to sleep; we can’t like a being for its looks, we must do it for its human. That’s why we call human beings not “how-good-you-look” beings. We are divided and collided by our human nature.

Love human as human, for one day, if you love human for looks, you will see that the looks are gone, so then what will you love human as?

Our human is who we are; our being is our figure of existence (how we look), “evolutionarists”, if I may, barely or even never classified the homo sapiens from erectus based on how they looked , but what they did, how they developed skills. Eventually our human makes our being, and if you don’t get that, it simply means who we are on the inside makes what we look like on the outside after all. We must therefore motivate our acts of love, friendship, trust, kindness, anger, passion, goodwill, faith to be to human first, then being. Its simply being human or humane as you like.


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