The Sight

This night rain is drizzling in droplets like snow, in the presence of all the street lights and house lights, I’ve never seen a sight so beautiful, so beautiful it makes you feel like you’re in love. In love with everything, yourself, the dude living in the next house, the bird sleeping in a nest on your roof, every single star in the sky, the trees that sparkle with wetness, everything, the whole embodiment of nature, you’re just in love with it all.

And then you think, how awesome is God, how could he put such a marvel together and give us the fine grace to appreciate it and take it all in. even if you’re going through the worst, when you step out at this balcony and see this ‘sight’, you’ll forget worries ever existed, peace beyond all understanding, that’s what it means. (Jhn 14: 27)

And to think that God is in all these, he’s in that light, that great light that reflects the beauty of everything. And then we see and feel the presence of God, he’s close… so close you imagine you could probably reach out and grab Him, but no, you don’t have to just imagine because He is right there , in you , that feeling of love you feel for that scenery, that’s him, he’s the love, the beauty and the light. He’s is also the feeling of ‘no impossibilities’ ‘no limits’.

So every time we see a beautiful scenery, it’s a reminder that God is always with us every step we take, in the love, the beauty and the light. (Josh 1: 9)

There’s no impossibilities and no limits for us. You can touch, even feel that scene no matter how far or ambiguous it looks. So take a picture, mental or tangible and touch it with your heart, your mind and your spirit, let the beauty inspire you, fill you and, overwhelm you; teach you how to love the light.


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