Game On

Don’t try to think for God, He doesn’t like it, He likes to play His own game because He has His own aim and He’ll throw in some surprises once in a while, so think about it the next time you pray for God to help you with something. If David tried to go all physics on God, calculating the range, horizontal distance, projectile and word not, when he wanted to sling that stone, do you think anything good would have come out of it? Or he’d have gotten Goliath right in the head? Up, front and centre? That would be an 8 year old boy trying out advanced-level physics, I bet He wouldn’t have even understood past the first equation. Solomon, the wisest man, wouldn’t have.

Just let God do what he wants, after all He can see it all. Including what we don’t see. Today, I was playing a friendly game of badminton, and obviously I prayed to win, but then 3 out of 4 games later I discovered I was just trying to calculate, be smart, hit some shots that’ll make everyone be like ‘wow’, simply put , Do it myself, but guess what, I lost 2 times in a roll, make that 3. Until it came to my mind “Girl, I thought you asked God to help you win this game so you can show-off and rub it in people’s faces, well it looks like you’re trying hard to figure out everything yourself but you’re still getting creamed out here by and old dude. (That was my uncle btw, moving on…) Give it up, just do your part, and let God take the rest, it’s His game, babe.” and “What is my part” I asked, “Well, just move your arms, swing the racquet and keep your eyes on the ball or feathery thing”. It wasn’t up to me how the ball went in the air or I was gonna hit a winner, and I needed to see that.

God doesn’t want us to just sit and stare at him work His thing though, check out Exo 14:14. Even when Moses told the Israelites to stand still and trust God, God told them to keeping moving and still watching Him fight for them, so we do need to do something but we also need to let God take the play and trust Him. And as you are thinking in your mind already, yes! I won that round, because I let God take the lead, though it was the last, everyone was too tired to really care but I was happy. You see how in the end God’s plans always leave us Happy!

“Confusion is usually the end of your calculations and meaning, the end of God’s leading” – me…I think 🙂


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