ITs just Love

A friend of mine raised a topic concerning love including the fact that various men have died for love like Valentine, Romeo, the all so famous Jack from Titanic, and even the Greatest, Jesus. Then he asked “What about the women?” At first reading, I thought “hmm, true” but this morning I woke up and had a realisation that as a matter of fact tons of women have died for love and many more still dying now.

Talk about the woman in labour, groaning in pain just for that delicate being to be made a human being outside the walls of her womb, only for her to give her last breath at the first cry of the child. Or the woman who has to be prepped to a particular decorum in public but is maltreated by her husband in her own home, her self-esteem along with everything beautiful inside her, is dying. All in the name of love.

Let’s even look to the past at the Revolutionary women, the likes of Madame Marie Currie, her love for the science of radioactivity followed her to her grave. Mother Teresa, she gave her life to reaching, feeding, and loving the most impoverished people of India, she might have been a frail-looking woman, but her convictions were as strong as steel. Speaking of strength, what about the soldier who, for the love of her country, left her life behind to stand in the war front and fight to the death. The woman who is ready to stake her life just to make a difference, be heard. She, the astronaut, with every single blast-off, there is a possibility of never coming back, but her love binds her to the adventure of exploring the universe.

And even for the love of Christ, she who joins a missionary to reach out the gospel to the unreachable and taking care of needy people as if they were her own family. She might be put in harm’s way in that society. But she still does it!

Not to be sexist in any manner but if this doesn’t come to you as true love, then I can’t convince you. When it all comes to the end, we realise that everyone has had their own fair share of expressing love the way they want. Man and woman.




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