Twinkle twinkle little star. I no longer wonder what you are.

This blog is something …Good.

The Diary Of Elsa And TheCrazyGuy


They say no knowledge is ever useless
But when it comes to now, I wish I never knew this
I wish I never saw you, in this light
‘Cause now I know, it was never really brightness
It was just a fairer darkness
That I couldn’t see because of my own blindness
My darkness was more
Now my heart is sore
If you had told me from the start
That this is how it was all going to play out
I’d have dodged that bullet
For what is my life worth?
If I die for a little cricket
Like you?
Hopped into my life like Jiminy
With your red umbrella
I felt like the universe couldn’t stop me
From feeling safe
I became attentive to your quiet rave
It was the hair, no! The eyes
The confident way you walked, no! The way you called my name,
It was your…

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